Sunday, 12 March 2017

So the journey continues, got a surprised of having a beard oil. Now the preperation is started for the Distinguish Gentlemen Ride. Making the beard to looks neat and clean. Its was a good event. due to dust beard gets hard but now it gets in proper shape. Love to wash the beard and run the fingres in soft hair of the beard. Continuing grown beard. People really love to make pictures with me. Giving respect to the beard. I am a known personality of my community. As most of the people just know me of my beard. Most of the people when just discuss the just talk about my beard and they remember that to whom the conversation is about. Once I met my relative and at first He gets confused thinking about that may be I am Molvi or Sufi but when he just look at my hair cut he said wow He looks like a designer. Really done a great work. Now to make a different style which more attraction to my beard is important. sometime to seperated the hair of head from the beard is now in fashion. So I am doing it. and make a little trimmed as it gets too much lengthy from the Bottom. Now its little trimmed but still have a very lovely appearance.

Monday, 20 February 2017

And the journey continues. Days pass by and it gets bigger and bigger and need more care. Now with time its really hard to take proper care. and now the question rises how to make a beard looks properly good. Its the time of decision that at which direction I have to grow the hair of beard. If it has to grow around then it doesn't need any shape but this lead to make some irritation on the neck.
So decided to change the direction. Taking the hair up and make a shape which looks like a V-shape.
and now the time goes on. Thinking to also make curves in the mustaches. Making the curves and always play with mustaches making the hair to grow in the same direction.
Now they are getting more bigger. Sometime they get in the mouth which will make the disturbances while eating food so I just cut it down little but. Because its really hard to have a bigger mustaches.
Now I planned to use different things to make an increase in beard and it continues.......

Friday, 17 February 2017

Now a days beard is like a fashion or something calls that its a level of maturity. Growing beard is not a difficult thing. The only thing that is needed is the time and dedication. Never be very fast in growing beard using different techniques or medicines. Its a long term story.
Genes play an important role in growing beard. Not all the people have beard with same structure. Some have very thick hairy beard while some have not. But its not the matter, the thing that is important that it suits of your face and looks cool.
At first when planned to grow it its really hard to grow. The hair are growing making me feel irritating. When move the neck around hair makes irritating. But at that time the only thing is to grow the beard and make it looks cool. People always says against your desire that it doesn't looks good. But All the things at first doesn't looks good but with time when people get addicted it gives you more attraction and importance. At first didn't use any oil or anything which will help in increasing the growth of the beard. The only thing that is at first given is the time and proper care. Its is really important to give more care to the beard as it is to give the care to the dressing or hair on your head. Make it neat and clean and at first it gives the stubborn styling. But mind says to grow it more, may be more big facial hair make face more attractive and then the journey begins